XML For Dummies

XML For Dummies

By Ed Tittel, Norbert Mikula & Ramesh Chandak
Published: May, 1998

Find Out How to Create Dynamic, Interactive Web Sites with XML!

The Fun and Easy Way to Maximize the Capabilities of eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
Your First Aid Kit for Customizing XML to Accommodate Your Data
The Ins and Outs of XML Terms, Tools, and Techniques -- Explained in Plain English

Go beyond the limits of HTML by creating your own markup dialect with eXtensible Markup Language (XML)! With down-to-earth instructions and great Web-page examples, XML For Dummies shows you how to use XML to improve the interactivity of your Web site, accommodate special or complex data,and take more control over your document structure and layout than ever before.

Inside, find helpful advice on how to:

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XML For Dummies. Ed Tittel, Norbert Mikula, and Ramesh Chandak. ISBN: 0-7645-0360-X.

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